for young people with childhood heart disease.

Stories about 'Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)'


Hi my name is Kristie, I am 21 and was born with a heart condition called Arterial Septrum Disorder (ASD). I always ask myself "What would my life be...

Kristie  |  5 October 2015

Miracles can happen

Hello there, and welcome to a story of hardship, struggles and miracles. But before we get into all that, a little about myself. My name’s Yineng....

Yineng  |  23 November 2015

Janelle’s Story

Everyday 8 babies are born with a congenital heart defect. On the 13th September 1996, I was one of these babies. Now I’ve just turned 20 and couldn&rsquo...

Janelle  |  29 September 2016

“What if?”

What would my life be like if I never had this condition? Well, I don't know but I'm sure it would be different. Where would I...

Lleyton  |  8 September 2015

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